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Ability Martial Arts
21 Leeds Way
NR12 8LU
Great Britain/UK
t: 01234 0001234
f: 01234 0001235
m: 07707 0005678
e: enquiry@amaa.org.uk
w: www.AMAA.org.uk / Fb:

Out of office hours:
We prefer an email for First Contact or Enquiries. If you are really stuck, use the following and leave a message if busy.
* 07941 077 119

One Fee - Professional Insurance
When a Instructor joins the AMAA they will receive full professional public liability insurance: up to £10,000,000. Registered Instructors of AMAA can also register any amount of students for annual cover to the same amount.

The AMAA is run by Martial Artists for Martial Artists and is a non-profit organisation set-up to give a secure and reliable alternative to the "cowboys". As such we use small HomeOffice, not generally available to all visitors, though our cherished associates may be more than welcome by appointment. We prefer initial contact by email though associates may always call, email or text if they have any urgent queries regarding their clubs, insurance or students.

Hours of Business Staffed by Volunteers:
Please ask one of our unpaid volunteers to help you if you get stuck with anything regarding applications, renewals or web-site usage. Thank you.

Monday Please email
Tuesday 9am - 5.30pm* / e
Wednesday Please email
Thursday 10am - 4.00pm* / e
Friday Please email
Saturday 10am - 5.30pm* / e
Sunday Please email

Ability Martial Arts Association | A Not for Profit Governing Body | Tel: 07941 077119 (TPS Reg.)