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The Name Registry.

This is a simple service which provides back-up for your personal Martial Arts School Name: e.g. "Bloggs Karate Dojo". You need to provide evidence of the name you use plus historic proof of use, having first checked that there are no other people using the same name or names in the UK. We cannot accept any liability for names that you choose which breach any copyright or registry laws, so check thoroughly using the Web or other resources!

If you think that your School or Club name is unique, and want to protect it, then this could be just the thing for you. By having documented proof that you are the Registered Owner of a name, you may save lots of hassle and many hundreds of pounds later: Can you imagine how much it would cost to change all of your business cards, web-site and other media? Lots!
We will give you guidance and a simple application form, but you have to do a thorough check as to the name you want to register, as we cannot take any responsibility for names that you use. You also have to send us proof of ownership, as per guidance notes. Initial enquiries about this option are better by email.

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