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UKi Qualifications UKi means "U.K. Independent". Some people may have qualifications which are written in Japanese, Chinese or some other language. If asked to show your qualifications, this obviously is a disadvantage. UKi's can offer a translations service. Registered Instructors may also be able to use the UKi Logo - we have an official one - on their own certificates issued to their students. Other aspects of this Nationally acceptable and already widely used option exist. UKi 'Raising the Standards'

The Name Registry The Name Registry is simply what it says, a way to register your School Name or Trading Name. One Fee. Easy to do.

Grade Book Advice AMAA offers all of its registered Instructors free advice. In the case of Grade Books, often a sticking point, we have a simple guide that can easily be followed and it even contains the contact details for three printers who do a good job in this field. Other help and advice is available via Download or by E-mail to help you run your school more efficiently and look even more professional: Guidelines for working with children and vulnerable adults, insurance outlines, nutrition for kids, constitution, student register spreadsheets, enrolment forms and more! Free to Registered Instructors!

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